Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Please read before purchasing any item from our website.  

When ordering 

For some items you may need to give us with extra information to ensure the item is suitable for your needs/you receive the correct item, this may include the following:  

  1. Manufacturer 

  1. Model Name or Number 

  1. Calibre 

  1. Desired Power Output in Ft/Lbs or Joules 

  1. Internal Tube Diameter or Thread sizes 

Depending on the make and model of your airgun, we may require further information from you. If we require this information, we will contact you via email.  

Customer / user agreement:  

Upon purchase of any item, I the customer, confirm that I have read and understood the implications of fitting parts supplied by Apex Airguns LTD and understand what the items do and understand its principles of operation and how they function. 

APEX AIRGUNS Regulators and other performance parts are designed to be fitted by competent individuals who have understood the implications of fitting them and are confident to fit them effectively. We recommend you have a practical experience of problem solving, and a good technical understanding of mechanical principles and the effects/symptoms they present in airguns. We recommend access to a workshop to install these items effectively and efficientlyWe do not know or judge you or your third parties’ skills or the facilities available to you or them. This is your decision to make. 

Models of airgun vary slightly from country to countryacross the globe and in some instances batch to batch in relation to tolerances and parts fitted. You the customer must understand that a degree of alteration may be required to either or both the Regulator / Product / Airgun to both fit and get the best out of what you have purchased to set it for your needs. 

Making a regulator operate efficiently in your airgun, to give the characteristics you are looking for, only happens when the outlet valve and hammer assembly is balanced correctly to give the correct valve durationAchieving the correct balance often means the settings for the hammer and valve are often very different than what was originally required, especially in unregulated airguns which you regulate. 

For low-mid power airguns (10-15 ft/lb) this can be very challenging to setup correctly. If you are not mechanically minded or a patient & precise person, willing to make notes on your ‘tune settings’ fitting a regulator may not be the project for you. We would advise you seek a professional gunsmith to help you or do the work for you.  

To tune regulated airgun setup correctly is a complex and timely process. You will need to make notes and take lots of information down. We recommend as a minimum you do a full shot string test on your rifle using a chronograph before doing any work, so you have some data to start from. Doing this test may show an underlying issue which you should fix before, or investigate during, the fitting of your regulator. We recommend all orings are replaced while the rifle is disassembled to prevent leaks in the future. 
We recommend you have at least 2 new tins of pellets (1000+ shots) you can use to test your rifle, before, during and after final installation, changing pellet types and trying to do comparative graphs of power and consistency is pointless, to get accurate results you can easily work with you need to change one thing at a time. 

APEX Regulators have been developed over 10 years of rigorous in the field testing, by shooters, for shooters at the highest levels of performance for target and hunting use and manufactured to give years of low maintenance performance for your airgun. They are sold on a ‘DIY’ self fit & maintenance basis, for further information please see our Video Guides page or Youtube Channel.  

The modular design of some models of the APEX regulators allows all units to be independently tested and pressure checked before shipping, in some instances the units are then supplied alongside the relevant ‘body case’ to fit into your rifle. This allows replacement body cases to be purchased if you choose to fit the reg to a different rifle, or if the case is damaged, it can be replaced.  All the manuals for pressure adjustment, stripping down, servicing, and general maintenance are available as Video Guides or as PDF Downloads on the Manuals pageThey are designed to be simple to service and maintain consisting of only three parts, of which two are working parts and only one moving part which engages with just two O-rings, the APEX Regulator can also be fully serviced for leaks without the need to alter the regulator setting. 

The product being supplied, guarantee and disclaimer 

regulator a very simple pressure switch, which opens and closes to keep air pressure at the outlet valve near to a constant pressure down to its set working pressure. 

APEX components are manufactured to the highest quality ISO 9001, ISO 9100 Space, Aerospace & Defense standardsWe design and manufacture these parts and guarantee them free from defect, quality checked, leak tested, and pressure set at time of dispatch. 

We take no responsibility whatsoever as to how you use our products. We have no control over the fitting of them and offer no guarantee as to power, accuracy or consistency of your airgun, as these are all down to many externally contributing factors and the skill and time taken by the purchaser or his agent fitting the regulator. 

It is very important that you make sure that all purchased parts have been fitted correctly and that the safe working of the equipment has not been compromised in any way. By purchasing, accepting, and using these parts, you and you alone are accepting all responsibility in the operation and safety of the gun or guns that these parts are being installed into, and will hold no other person or persons responsible. Please use caution when using these products or find a qualified airgun-smith or tuner who can do the work for you. 

Before you order, please note 

The word ‘regulator is used in reference to this product being a pressure regulator to maintain a certain pressure of air, and not a power regulator or tool for adjusting power higher. A regulator, no matter what make or model, is a force biased pressure switch, which opens and closes to keep air pressure at the outlet side near to constant down to a set working pressure. This will only keep an airguns power FT LBS / Joules to the power at which it has already been set to at a set working pressure. The Regulator will help maintain a set power over a wider fill pressure range, other modifications can be done at the same time to increase OEM power figures and shot counts. 



Worldwide: Payment generally made by PayPal, Squared or Credit Card, however we can issue a PayPal Invoice to your PayPal email address. All payments are to be made in £ Pounds Sterling (GBP). Invoices asked to be paid in other currencies will be charged an extra 6% on the order value to cover conversion fees. 

United Kingdom: Payment is generally made by PayPal or Credit Card Payment is to be made in £ Great British Pounds Sterling. 

Trade Discounts & Volume Order Discounts can be applied for. Minimum initial trade order is £500 GBP + VAT. 


Postage, Processing and Delivery 

FREE Worldwide shipping by Royal Mail Signed for or International Signed for is included in the price for all APEX Regulator units or APEX Regulator & Tuning Kits. Expedited/Courier shipping is also available at additional cost.  

All other parts and accessory prices are + shipping charges by Royal Mail orders over the value of £30.00 are automatically shipped via registered mail / airmail secured service. Expedited/Courier shipping is also available at additional cost.  

The vast majority or orders are processed and shipped on the nearest postal day, either Monday or Friday. Orders received late on Friday after 12 noon upon or upon a Saturday / Sunday will be shipped as soon as possible after opening on a Monday. Orders placed before 12 noon on Friday will be shipped on the same day.

We ship all goods via Royal Mail by their 1st class service. If you select DHL the item will be shipped within two working days of placing the order, unless it is a bespoke item, in which case it will be shipped on the next available day once completed,  For some countries this is Tracked and others Signed for only as this is what is available. You can request the tracking or signed for consignment number if you wish, but in general we do not issue these due to the time taken to enter them all onto the system. 

Delivery Time: 

United Kingdom: 1st & Packet and generally 3-4 working days. 

Europe: Tracked & Signed For - Airmail taking about 5-8 working days (Both Spain & Italy can take longer, due to their internal postal system),  


Worldwide: Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed or Signed depending upon the country and where a secured service is available. Delivery is about 14-22 working days on average, however deliveries to South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia and the USA can take longer due to their internal postal system. 

Accepting your delivery 

All orders for regulators are sent Tracked or Signed for upon delivery. You need to take whatever action is required in your country with regards to post as to collecting / arranging to take delivery of / a tracked / signed package. 

Damaged Parcel or Missing Items 

Please check your parcel immediately upon receipt, if your package is visibly damaged or open at the point of delivery, sign for the parcel as ‘damaged’. If the parcel does not contain the items that you have ordered, lodge a complaint with the postal service the grounds of damaged / missing items. You must provide us with photos of the damaged items and packaging. 

If we have accidentally sent you the wrong parts by mistake, please let us know as soon as possible - and let us know the time and date of your original order, along with your order number and we will send replacement parts as soon as you have posted original order back to us.  
Please post the items back to us including a note with your name, address, order number and date using a standard airmail service and marked the package as ‘returned to manufacturer’. Please e-mail us proof of posting, via a scanned or photographed copy of the postage and receipt. We will refund the postage upon return of the items. 

Return/Refund policy 

After consultation with APEX Airguns LTD via email, if the item you purchased was faulty or did not work properly, or you think the item was not as described in the item description, please contact us first before requesting a refund as we may be able to resolve your problem to your satisfaction. 

Changed your Mind? Under the Consumer Rights Act, if you change your mind about a purchase you have made within 14 working days after the date of delivery, you are entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price for the goods or services you wish to return, and the original postage and packaging charges made to get the product to your delivery address. Further instructions below. 

Please contact us via email, before returning any product, so as we can provide you with the proper shipment instructions. Make sure to include a note inside the package with your name, address, order number. 
The product is to be returned by the customer to ‘APEX Airguns LTD – Returns’ with all delivered accessories, and if reasonably possible in their original state and packaging. 
Items being returned from outside the UK / Great Britain should be VERY CLEARLY MARKED as shown below on the outer of your return packaging: 

  • Contains products manufactured solely in the UK by APEX Airguns LTD 

  • All International items returned to the UK should be clearly marked – ‘Return under manufacturer warranty’. 



The customer covers postage & packing and associated costs to safely returning the product to us. Refunds for non-faulty goods (sent back at the customer discretion) will be issued at the cost of the product alone. Not including any shipping costs to return the item. 
All items returned will be inspected on arrival, pending investigation refunds are sent by original method of payment, only when the return has been received in an undamaged and resaleable/useable condition. Any faulty items send ‘under warranty’ will be fixed, serviced, or replaced with a new item as per the customer's request. 


We do not accept / sign for deliveries of items returned where the correct postage has not been applied in full, correct postage must be applied at point of posting. 


We do not accept / sign for deliveries of returned items where Customs Duty Fees have been applied as the package is not clearly labelled as a returned item using the instructions set out above.  


We do not accept that customer damaged or used products are eligible for refund. 

If an item was purchased with a discount/credit voucher, then we will only refund the amount that you paid in addition to the voucher (not the amount the item was listed for). 

If an item you purchased was in a sale and you return the product for a refund, the refund will only be at the invoiced price not the full price of the item. 

Refunds shall be dealt with as swiftly as possible and issued no later than 15 days after receipt of the returned product. Refunds given shall be at the price of the product, exclusive the initial shipping costs made for the delivery of the product purchased. Refunds can take a further 5-10 workings days to reach your account depending on payment method and your bank once we have issued it.  


Personal information and data protection 

The sole purpose of the data that you provided to us during registration and the ordering process is purely for the identification and processing of your order via Apex Airguns LTD. We declare that the data will not be disclosed to third parties, or otherwise misused. 


By entering a Purchase Contract, the Customer has hereby agreed to their personal data being used for indefinite time period for the processing of their order. All the data acquired from customers shall be used solely for internal use and shall not be disclosed (Passed on or Sold) to third party persons. The sole exception to this rule to Courier services used for delivery, but the personal data disclosed to the Couriers is to be limited to the necessary minimum, needed for proper delivery of the goods i.e Name, Address & Telephone Number.