RAT Works HW100 Lightweight Cylinder Complete - FAC XL (for HW100 30J+ Models)


RAT Works HW100 Lightweight Cylinder Complete - FAC XL (for HW100 30J+ Models)

Our complete FAC XL lightweight cylinder is a direct replacement for the OEM HW100 air rifle cylinder.

Overall Complete Cylinder Length - 487mm 

Cylinder Diameter 37.1mm

** Top tip! - Measure from your breech block to the threads on your barrel, check the maximum length your rifle can accept without causing issues fitting a moderator/silencer. **

Fill Pressure

The HW100 with OEM Regulator – 200bar Maximum!

Our cylinders are tested to 700bar, but you are still limited to the standard 200bar fill pressure because of the OEM Regulator. Exceeding a 200bar fill will cause performance loss.

This item is compatible with the following air rifles:

- Weihrauch HW100 (all models)

Simply unscrew your standard cylinder assembly and replace it with ours. The air tube body is CNC machined from 6082T6 seamless aluminium, 50% lighter than the original stainless steel and 10% lighter than titanium!

Offering an increased shot count of around 50% (due to the 50% increase in length over the 290mm 'rifle' OEM air tube body to 440mm) it will improve the balance, weight and aesthetic of your HW100.

The main cylinder components are all CNC machined from 6082T6 aluminium and anodized black with a satin finish. Our Quick Fill end is fitted with a RAT Works pressure gauge with a 0-300bar scale and uses your existing HW100 fill probe to fill. Our FAC XL cylinders have a built-in valve so they can be fitted and removed while pressurised like the OEM cylinder, potentially carried as a spare for those longer shooting sessions.

No quick fill plug is supplied as standard or needed with our cylinder, as there is no chance of dirt ingress into the fill valve with our valve design, perfect for leak free, reliable shooting! If you’d like to add a plug for your own peace of mind, you can re-use your existing one, or purchase via the option below.

All cylinders are supplied with a full set of replacement seals and fitting instructions.

  • Fill Probe Cover
  • Standard Fill Probe
  • Quick Connect Fill Probe
  • Fill Port Plug


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