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RAT Works Airgun Shroud Backflow Air Stripper - Custom Size

Tuning Parts

RAT Works Airgun Shroud Backflow Air Stripper - Custom Size

Most airgun shrouds have a shroud support fitted to the end of the barrel, this is often simply a bush used to support the shroud body and does not help reduce the muzzle report of the rifle. 

This ½” UNF threaded bush attaches to the threads on your barrel and strips the air off and ‘backflows’ the blast of air upon firing, using the internal volume of the existing shroud over your barrel to improve the moderation of your muzzle report.  

This item is threaded 1/2” UNF to fit most airgun barrels on air rifle brands such as BSA, Gamo, Hatsan & FX. Please check before ordering that your barrel is threaded to a ½” UNF specification such as AGT barrels. These are also calibre specific to help maximise efficiency and designed to be fitted inside an existing shroud of up to 28mm Internal Diameter, down to 24mm.  


When ordering this item


When placing your order you can purchase these as they are (28mm OD) so you have the option to machine one to your desired size yourself from 28mm down to 24mm. 24mm is the minimum size it can be machined to.

If you would like us to machine yours to a custom size, please state the calibre and exact INTERNAL dimension of your tube / shroud body. We custom machine these parts to size and use an oring to allow any tolerance change inside the tube, the orings are generally slightly larger than the internal of your tube to allow correct fitment. 

Please state the correct INTERNAL dimension of your shroud in millimetres (MM) to 1 decimal place (E.g. 24.9mm) for us to machine the bush, the bush will be machined to accept an oring. No refunds will be given on incorrect measurements of Internal Diameters or calibres. These items are custom made and may be a 3-to-5-day lead time before shipping to allow machining time.

If you are viewing this item on eBay and you purchase one you will be sent a standard part, if you wish to have one machined please contact us before purchasing. 

Please note, not all bores are true to the threads, this is especially apparent on hammer forged barrels such as BSA and HW barrels but can also be found on the button drawn barrels too. If the bore of the barrel is considerably ‘out’ compared to your threads, choose the next calibre up to avoid the chance of damage when firing.

In general, a bush for a 4.5mm bore will be supplied at 5.5mm in the stripper to give some tolerance. When fitting the bush for the first time we recommend removing the barrel for a visual inspection down the bore (once the stripper is fitted) to check that no clipping will take place in the pellet path. Fire a lead pellet to check for any damage to the stripper before reassembly of your shroud components.





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